K2/Spice Testing Now Available!

Genetic Ancestry Testing

Genetic ancestry testing will tell a person which haplogroup they belong to. A haplogroup is a group of people who share DNA. Before the recent advances in genetics people were classified by race, ethnicity, and even religion. Scientists are now able to use a person DNA to classify them. Differences in haplogroups not only indicate differences in DNA, but also differences in genetic ancestry.
Each persons ancestors have migrated to the location they now live. Each haplogroup has followed a specific emigrational route over the distant past. Every person belongs to two haplogroups, one on their father's side and one on their mother's. A man may test his own DNA to determine both groups, while a woman may only use her own DNA to determine the group her mother gave to her. Her paternal male relatives may be tested to determine her paternal haplogroup.
Genetic Heritage Certification
For genetic heritage certification each person will receive a certificate proclaiming their haplogroup; also included will be a beautiful color map with their emigrational route shown. Both of these documents will arrive in a handsome certificate binder. They will also receive a case narrative, which outlines their ancient history.