Alternative Methodology Drug Testing    

The industry standard for drug testing is usually through the urine, however, with modern scientific advances Great Lakes Biomedical offers numerous options for alternative testing methods.    
Drug Detection Methods


Hair Testing

Blood Testing

Saliva Testing 

Sweat Testing

What are some of the benefits of alternative testing?

Alternative testing methods are usually designed to eliminate the need to utilize a restroom for specimen collection and to observe the donor during the collection process. Hair testing, blood testing, sweat testing, and saliva testing work great for law enforcement agencies, drug courts, juvenile probation departments, or domestic dispute cases.

Oral Fluid Drug Screen: Sample obtained under direct observation. Minimal risk of tampering.  Non-invasive.  Can detect alcohol use.  Samples can be collected easily in virtually any environment.  Reflects recent drug use
Hair Testing:  Longer window of detection.  Greater stability (does not deteriorate).  Can measure chronic drug use.  Convenient shipping and storage (no need to refrigerate).  Collection procedure not considered invasive or embarrassing.  More difficult to adulterate than urine.  Detects alcohol/cocaine combination use. 
Sweat Patch: Non-invasive.  Variable removal date (generally 1 to 7 days).  Quick application and removal.  No sample substitution possible.
Blood Drug Screen:  A blood drug test takes a look at your bodies contamination (metabolites) at  the point in time of your test only.  Blood testing is most accurate for recent consumption / ingestion,  and under the influence situations.