Drug Free Safety / Workplace Program

The Drug-Free Safety Program (DFSP) is a rate program that offers a premium discount to eligible employers for implementing a loss-prevention strategy to address workplace use and misuse of alcohol and other drugs, including prescription, over-the-counter and illegal drug abuse within the context of a holistic safety program.
Great Lakes Biomedical will handle all aspects of your drug free safety program.  We will come onsite and perform the training and education required to start the program, and handle your consortiums drug and alcohol testing thereafter.
A comprehensive drug free workplace program includes five elements:
  1. Drug free workplace policy
  2. Supervisor training
  3. Employee education
  4. Employee assistance program
  5. Drug testing
Why have a drug free workplace? 

Implementing and enforcing a drug free workplace program is an important way companies can protect themselves, as well as their workers' safety and health. The goal of these policies is to prevent impairment and improve safety by setting standards and holding workers accountable. Having a well established drug testing program does not mean you do not trust or like your employees. It means that you care enough about their safety and workplace security to protect them, and yourself, from the effects of on-the-job alcohol and drug abuse.