K2/Spice Testing Now Available!

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K2 / Spice (Synthetic Cannabinoid) Testing

Synthetic cannabinoids are made in chemistry labs formulated as liquid to be sprayed onto incense or other herbal mixtures for smoking.  K2 products are packaged in foil packages or zip lock bags.  These products are labeled as "Not for Human Consumption" as a way to avoid interference by the DEA and FDA under the Controlled Substances Act.  
Great Lakes Biomedical is the first company in Ohio to offer both rapid & laboratory based drug testing for K2 / Spice.  The most common synthetic cannabinoid chemical compounds are JWH-018 and JWH-073. 
The signing of the Synthetic Drug Abuse Prevention Act of 2012 has decreased the availability of these products by placing them into Federal Schedule 1 status and has driven these products underground.  K2 / Spice is rapidly expanding the chemical make up, let Great Lakes Biomedical be there "When You Need To Know". 
The Synthetic Cannabinoids known as K2, Spice, and many others  were introduced in the United States in approximately 2009 as a legal alternative to marijuana. Detection of these compounds has been challenging since their formulations are constantly changing.  With Great Lakes Biomedical's K2 / Spice testing, we can help detect these dynamic compounds.