U.S. Department of Education Grant Performance Report: (ED 524B)

The drug-testing grant has been a positive influence on the six districts involved with the grant.

In dealing with the drug-testing grant with each of the districts, it has become apparent that this grant has Been a positive influence for the six schools districts. The surveys and the comments by administrators and parents indicate that the grant has not only held students accountable for their behaviors but also has provided the students who do not wish to use alcohol or drug another reason to abstain. This grant provides another tool in the districts' fight against drugs.

Marijuana use decreased on both a yearly and 30 day bases

The survey found that marijuana use decreased in both yearly and the last 30 days time line. It seems that the accountability to which the students were held has a positive effect on marijuana usage. Even with the natural tendency for experimentation as the students mature the drug testing seems to have been effective.

Results of surveys indicate that the school-based drug-testing is having a positive effect on reducing alcohol consumption

The results of the post surveys that were given to the students involved with drug testing showed a dramatic decrease in yearly use of alcohol by the students and a moderate decrease in usage over a 30 day period. This seems to be a positive influence of the drug-testing program that encourages students to take responsibility for their own actions when it involves destructive behaviors. Students that we have talked with from the participating districts have indicated that they understand that before testing they were confident that their use of alcohol would not be detected and very rarely had to face the immediate consequences of their actions. Now, they understand that the school districts are serious about detecting and preventing drug and alcohol abuse and many have altered their behavior to either stop or reduce alcohol consumption.